Saturday, 23 February 2008

366-Challenge 328 - Sandwich

Original New Orelans po-boys are fantastic, slobby sandwiches. If you go there you'll have to try one.


Dogeared said...

Welcome to the 366 challenge, and thanks for the credit! The original idea wasn't mine, I have to say, but the list most people are using is. I look forward to seeing your photos, and yes - do check your January and February photo, because they an count, being taken in 2008!

Nice photo to start off your challenge - I'll have to look up Po Boys now!

Do you mind if I link to you on my Blog? I will wait until I see you say yes, before I do :-)

Hibe said...

In a city known for good food any place that manages to stay open for any length of time has to be good. That's a great photo of an interesting sign, but your photo of cheese got me hungry and just the mention of a poor boy makes me even hungrier. I just wish you had taken a shot of one of them... yum.

A po boy is slang for poor boy which is a sandwich served on a french baguette. Traditionally it was made with fried seafood. The way I heard it told, breaded fried oysters made the original po boy.

crille said...

Hi dogeared and hibe

Thanks for the nice words about the first few photos, only 364 to go!!

Feel free to link to my blog.

Regarding the food in New Orleans I have to agree with hibe, it's very good. I attended a conference there for a couple of days in January, so I didn't have much time to try out the culinary scene, but what I had time to try was very, very good.

I'm looking forward to an interesting photographic year.

Mia said...

Yum!! You have to tell me more about your trip!

Glad you decided to join!!