Monday, 25 February 2008

366-Challenge 196 - Fog

Another shot found in the archives from the beginning of the year.
This photo was taken during the same afternoon as the "clouds" picture.
This is on the other side of the mountain overlooking one of the higher valleys.
The question is when fog becomes clouds and vice versa.


Mia said...

*thinking* Maybe when you're in it? A great photo, who well deserves to be in the challenge (if my daughters hat can be a rocket..)

Have a great day, I have to get the children to school now!

Lisa B said...

You have such beautiful pictures in the mountains.

Dogeared said...

Isn't it lovely when you can see trees of varying "solidness" through the fog, depending on how close you are to them? It's why I love foggy photos (both looking at them and taking them). Nicely done!

I'd say clouds start in the sky, so above the horizon?