Sunday, 24 February 2008

366-Challenge 171 - Cheese

Seems like I'm starting with the food themes.
Here's a shot of some lovely Chèvre Chaud I had for lunch today.


Hibe said...

Hello and welcome to the 366 Crille. I'm Hibe AKA Gary. Here's my 366 page: Feel free to post it on your blog if you wish. I'm putting yours in mine. Please let me know if you don't want me to. I'll promptly remove it.

I see you started with the same as me... Cheese. I love cheese, although I need to watch my intake, as do we all. Just found out last week that a fellow I used to work with died from a heart attack at 43. He was in better shape than me and 6 years younger. Lucky for me as much as I like things that aren't so good for me like cheese, coffee, and beer I like alot of the things that are. As a diabetic, salads, fruit, whole grains are in my daily diet and I watch my carb intake, but I rant... I do that a lot... lol

Nice photo... made me hungry.

crille said...

Hi Gary, thanks for the warm welcome. What I like with a chèvre chaud sallad is that at least you're eating something healthy with the cheese. ;-)

I had a quick look at your blog and you had a lot of very nice photos. Made me realize how much catching up I've got to do... :)

Hibe said...

Well I'm not exactly caught up either, but close. I figure, by days into the year, we should be near 60.

Helen had a good idea a couple weeks ago by announcing a "catch up" day (or was it weekend). Several participated, I waited for the 12th to do my catching up. I posted several of my 12 of 12 shots in my 366. Also, everytime I get a photo I like, I go to my alphabetical list of themes ( to see where I can fit it in. Sometimes I see something I know is on the themes and take several shots from different perspectives and find the right one among them. I find it helps to just take a walk or a short drive to a park or other place of interest and start shooting. Changing perspectives is a good way to find the best way to present what would be an otherwise dull subject. If you look at my "jagged" theme, that was taken only inches away from the nearest stone. Yet it almost looks like a suburban Stonehenge

These are all different ways to make sure to keep the shutter clicking and make the theme list shorter. I would try to take your camera everywhere you can safely take it. You need to be aware of exposing it the severe weather.

Depending on your job, you may not want to take it there. Even on the street and public places, some people become defensive and suspicious. The other night during the lunar eclipse, I was out back of my apartment building, being quiet and obviously taking pictures of the eclipse. Some lady from my own building called the police. They were quite cordial and understanding. I guess they get many calls like that. Living here in Killadelphia, (I heard that one the other day) I think I'd rather have neighbors like that than ones that would ignore everything.

Here I go rambling on again... I did warn you... :)

Mia said...

That's a brilliant photo, Crille! I tried to do the same thing with the Pizza O made the other day, but it went all blurry..I have looked at a proper zoom lens, but it is quite expensive..

Lisa B said...

This is a great photo and it looks delicious! Welcome to 366, I will list you on my 366 blog if that is ok?